AE693F Triaxial System

If you are looking for sturdy, powerful rear speakers, then you will not want to miss out on these AXTON triaxials. With the 6 x 9″/15 x 23 cm ATF369 and AE693F AXTON has two very tough 3-way systems in its range that also boast a high efficiency and high sound playback level thanks to the large cone area.

AE693F Triaxial Systems
AE693F 15 x 23 cm /6 x 9

15 x 23 cm /6 x 9″
Triaxial System (Evolution Series)

  • Durable construction
  • Solid detail solutions
Extending the AXTON line-up with a range of five coaxials models and a triaxial, this aggressively priced speaker series lends itself to replace older or defective speakers in many cars at low cost. Although very easy on the budget, these models still follow the AXTON tradition and convince in terms of workmanship as well as sound quality.
AXTON‘s triaxial also benefit from the shallow 13 mm Mylar dome tweeter assembly, which guarantees sparkling highs and a sophisticated high-frequency reproduction.
  • stamped steel basket, compact basket construction in Euro-DIN format (2-way models)
  • strontium-ferrite mid/woofer magnet
  • lightweight low-resonance injection moulded Polypropylen cone, offering high stiffness and good internal damping
  • Polyurethan foam surround
  • shallow 13 mm Mylar dome Neodymium tweeter, offering sparkling highs and a sophisticated high-frequency reproduction
  • 51 mm midrange with Mylar cone
  • speaker grilles contained in the delivery
Nominal power handling200 W
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 93 dB
Frequency response 50 Hz – 25 kHz
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Mounting diameter 15 x 23 cm/6 x 9"
Mounting depth 74 mm