AXTON’s active subwoofers are the best choice of all for an uncomplicated bass upgrade: as an addition to an existing sound system, but also where you want to sacrifice as little space as possible and do not want to install a separate power amp. Powered bass boxes that combine amp and woofer in a single enclosure, can be installed in the trunk with very little effort and provide the bass extension down low.

ATB20STP Active Subwoofer

New active subwoofer
for the spare tire well
20 cm/8″

  • Controlterminal
Bass fun without wasting space in the trunk? AXTON adds a second
special and ultimately space saving active subwoofer model to its
lineup: The ATB20STP is a 20 cm vented active subwoofer with a
built-in amp module for the spare tire well. With 50 cm diameter and
15.5 cm height this sub is going to fi t in almost any standard spare
tire well – and will not compromise the trunk compartment at all.
AXTON‘s new bass maker is equipped with a potent 20 cm (8“)
long stroke woofer that offers strong and dynamic sound. The very
high quality amplifi er module – quite unusual in this price class is the
discrete structure of the amp module which deploys bipolar transistors
– delivers impressive 110 watts maximum output for an all-round
bass enjoyment, increased durability, and more bass control.
  • Active subwoofer for spare tire well
  • Enclosure fi ts tire wells with 50 cm diameter and center clamp
  • 20 cm/8“ long stroke bass driver in vented enclosure
  • High cross section port for low air noise
  • Built-in amp module with 110 W power rating
  • 12 dB/oct. electronic crossover with low-pass fi lter
  • Switchable bass boost
  • Amp auto turn-on trigger for High Level inputs
  • Variable input gain for RCA and High Level inputs
Nominal power handling1 x 90 W RMS @ 4 ohms (< 1.0% THD / 14.4 V)
Peak power handling1 x 110 W max. @ 4 ohms (< 10%
THD / 14.4 V)
Frequency response25 – 100 Hz
Variable low-pass filter50 – 150 Hz / 12 dB/Okt.
Switchable bass boost0 dB / 6 dB
RCA input sensitivity165 mV – 5 V
High Level input sensitivity1,0 – 10 V
Signal / Noise ratio> 90 dB
Dimensions (Ø x H, mm) Ø 500 x 155
Net Weight10 kg