AXB30 Bass reflex box

Great look, impressive bass output, plus compact dimensions relative to the bass pressure – AXTON’s boxes have been the benchmark in their price/performance class for years. Till now that is – for the AXB bass reflex boxes are designed to surpass the performance of their predecessors. Bred for high bass output, the boxes convert 100 per cent of the woofers’ magnet force into merciless sound pressure.

AXB30 Ported Trunk Box
30 cm/1230 cm/12

30 cm/12″ Ported Trunk Box

  • Tuned for looks: the white LED lighting creates the extra show and shine effect, desired by many.
  • High quality: the terminals at the rear of the boxes come with spring loaded binding posts, to guarantee low resistance contact for the cables.
AXTON’s ported trunk box AXB30 is a systematic further development of the preceding CAB model but still a completely new development. Using the very latest simulation tools, woofer and enclosure parameters have been selectively optimized so that box size, volume and relevant parts of the deployed woofer are perfectly matched. Bred for high bass output, the AXB30 converts 100 per cent of the woofer’s magnet force into merciless sound pressure.
Due to the stiff and rigid low resonance MDF enclosure, the high-performance 30 cm/12″ woofer is able to transform full input power into deep bass response. Equipped with a stiff bowl cone and a big ferrite magnets, the heavy-duty driver combines precise bass and astounding deep bass levels with a fast response.
The compact enclosure comes with reinforced walls and flow-optimized slot port featuring unlimited acoustical throughput. This increases the achievable maximum sound pressure level upwards – completely avoiding air turbulences, for absolutely noise-free, clean, crisp bass, even at full bass output.
  • compact enclosure made of stable 19 mm MDF with reinforced walls, robust felt cover, space saving sloping cabinet rear walls
  • enclosure with white LED lighting
  • generously dimensioned slot port
  • equipped with 30 cm/12″ high power woofer with large 60 oz. ferrite magnet, 4-layer wound voice coil, bowl cone and highly flexible surround
  • subwoofer terminal nickel plated, spring loaded binding posts
  • woofer grille to protect the cone from damage
Peak Input Power 600 W
Continuous Input Power (RMS) 300 W
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) (1 W/1 m) 91 dB
Frequency Response 4 ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm)370 x 530 x 445