Discover for yourself how much the AXTON DSP Amplifiers improve the sound. This demonstration emulates how your vehicle would sound without and wit the AXTON DSP installed. With AXTON DSP amplifiers you will experience your music again – convince yourself!


Digital Endstufen A580DSP, A500DSP
A480DSP 4-Channel Smart Digital Amplifier with DSP

Soundtuning via App – 4-Channel Smart Digital Amplifier with DSP

Do it smart – AXTON‘s new digital power amp A480DSP set new standards in the amplifier world with their performance, flexibility, and a method of control that is still unique. The two 4-channel AXTON power amp feature an integrated DSP processor that enables precise control of the sound. Time correction, freely configurable 7-band graphic equalizer, 6 EQ presets, 3D surround sound, and dynamic bass – with these amplifiers tuning the sound to the acoustics of the vehicle, and your individual preference, is child‘s play. But that‘s not all: all DSP settings can easily be made with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth.
Simply download and install the free controller app to see the setting menus on the smartphone.
  • Bluetooth connection and control of DSP settings via android Smartphone App
  • Time Alignment in cm for front and rear channel output (0 – 400 cm)
  • Freely configurable 7-band graphic Equalizer
  • 5 different pre-set EQ, Classical, Rock, Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Bass Booster
  • 3D surround sound
  • Dynamic Bass setting
Music Power Output:
150 W x 4 (110 W x 4*)
RMS Power Output:76 W x 4 (56 W x 4*)
Frequency response:20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Audio sampling frequency:48 KHz
Distortion:1 KHz < 0.001%
Supply voltage range:9 V – 15 V
Signal to noise ratio:> 120 dB
Standby current:> 100 dB
Standby current:< 0.4 mA
Maximum operating current:20 A
Dimensions (L x W x H):182 x 132 x 52 mm
**without additional power supply
Controller App aus dem Apple AppStore downloaden
A480DSP 4-Channel Smart Digital Amplifier with DSP

User interfaces (UI) for DSP settings

A480DSP 4-Channel Smart Digital Amplifier with DSP

Cast terminals that can take cross-section cables